Centrifugal Fan with 125mmØ Inlet

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Centrifugal Fan with 125mmØ Inlet

Medium Pressure Moulded Forward Curve Centrifugal 3ph Fan with 125mmØ inlet.

Manufactured with polypropylene fan casing and impeller, the Monmouth range of fans is ideal for use with fume ductwork systems, ventilation systems and general extraction installations.

The 125mmØ fans can draw air volumes upto 740m3/hr and deal with pressure drops of upto 820 Pa.

The range is available with two different motor speeds - 1,400rpm and 2,800rpm.

Voltage Convertor: Should you wish to speed control and/or use a single phase power supply with either of these fans, then please specify the optional 'Voltage Convertor & Speed Controller'.


1274 x 200


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