Monmouth Plastics supplies a range of corrosion resistant plastic ductwork in various materials, primarily used for industrial applications. This ductwork is especially suitable for applications such as fume extraction where airborne contaminants would damage metal ducting.

Supplying a range of moulded, and fabricated duct fittings, and ventilation pipe from many different materials. We can offer advice for material selection if required, see below for some general details of each material we have available.

The most commonly used material for fume extraction ductwork in the UK. PVC has good chemical resistance, and can be joined using solvent cement (glue), or hot-gas welding. PVC can be brittle at low temperatures, and will need to be protected from exposure to sunlight if installed in exposed locations such as rooftops.

The Polypropylene ductwork sold by Monmouth Plastics is Flame retardant. PPS is resistant to attack from many chemicals which would damage PVC. PPS is less brittle than PVC, however it must be welded since it cannot be glued.

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