Plastic sound attenuators supplied by Monmouth Plastics are designed for connection to ductwork for noise reduction. Ductwork sound attenuators reduce the noise transmitted through the ducting caused by airflow, mechanical sources such as fans, and cross-talk from other rooms.

In-duct attenuators are available in a range of diameters, and lengths. Connection to ductwork can be by flanges, or sockets. Attenuators are constructed with a perforated thermoplastic liner, this holds a sound absorbing material made of mineral fibres. This sound absorbing material is covered by a Glass fibre material.

This offers superior sound absorbing properties compared to the plastic foil commonly used by other manufacturers. Attenuators with central pods can be fabricated upon request for improved sound attenuation. Rectangular duct sound attenuators can be constructed in virtually any size, and configuration to be used with our range of plastic fabricated rectangular ductwork.

Materials which can be used for construction of our attenuators are PVC, Polyethylene, Polypropylene, PPS (flame retardant Polypropylene), PP-ELS (Conductive, flame retardant Polypropylene) Monmouth Plastics can also provide corrosion resistant sound attenuating enclosures for items of industrial equipment, or as sound havens in noisy environments.

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