Carflex Super Crushproof Flexible ducting

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Carflex Super Crushproof Flexible ducting

Master Clip TEFLON® H-EL is a  PTFE lined HYPALON®  ducting, reinforced with an external galvanised steel helix. The ducting is highly flexible and the outer helix protects against abrasion and scuffing during installation. UV and ozone resistant and excellent chemical resistance (see chemical resistance chart). Electrically conductive liner (surface resistance < 10 to the 6 ohms). Suitable for use on ATEX approved equipment.

Its usual applications are for extraction of corrosive and explosive gases and fumes in endangered areas. It is black in colour and available in sizes ranging from 50mm to 900mm. It has a standard temperature rating of -40°C to +175°C (intermittent to +190°C).

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