Fume Filtration from Monmouth Plastics

Monmouth Plastics Industrial Carbon filters are typically manufactured from either Polypropylene or PVC with GRP reinforcement.

Manufactured in a range of different styles to suit the application, we have the experience and technical knowledge to be able to offer quantifiable adsorption to meet the most demanding of applications. Please feel free to enquire to the sales team.

Typical industrial applications could be;

  • Food processing, e.g Acetic Acid vapour removal.
  • Cooking and Fermintation Processes.
  • Animal Smells and Sewerage (removal of hydrogen sulphide)
  • Reduction of VOC’s
  • Fuel Storage Tank Venting.
  • Industrial Processes e.g Solvent Removal, Paint Spraying etc.
  • and many others........
Industrial Filtration

Filtration Systems use disposable media such as HEPA filters, or adsorbant materials such as Activated Carbon. The filtration media removes contaminants from the airstream, these contaminants are trapped in the filter media and purified air leaves the filter system. Once the filter becomes full of contaminants the media must be replaced. Filtration systems are simple to operate, and have low initial cost. Filters are best used in situations where the level of airborne contamination is relatively low, so that the media does not require frequent replacement.

Carbon Filtration Systems Monmouth Plastics supply Carbon filtration systems to control gaseous chemical contaminants, these may be Acid vapours, Solvents, Noxious smells, or other compounds. The Carbon filtration systems we supply may contain anything from a few kilograms of carbon to several tons of media. Different blends of filtration media can be used in combination to tackle a mixture of chemical pollutants. Monmouth Plastics produce Carbon Panel filters, Deep bed filters, or Annular bed filters.

Carbon Filters

Monmouth Plastics can design, make and supply carbon filters for all varieties of filtration fume cabinets. Whether you require a single filter or a constant supply of filters we are able to offer what you need. We can offer fast turn-around times as we can make everything from the cases through to final assembly.

HEPA Filter Housings Monmouth Plastics produce a range of HEPA filter housings from corrosion resistant materials. HEPA filters are very efficient filters which remove airborne particles as small as 0.1 micron. HEPA filters are used to prevent the release of potentially harmful substances such as Carbon Nanotubes, Radioactive particles, or Biological hazards such as bacteria or viruses. The HEPA filter housing we supply can be connected to fume cabinet duct work fitted in Hospitals or Universities to protect the environment.

Contact our sales office for further details on 0845 226 9001 (local call rate) or email info@monmouthplastics.co.uk