Master PUR H-EL Polyester Polyurethane Hose

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Master PUR H-EL Polyester Polyurethane Hose

Master PUR H-EL is a polyester polyurethane hose, reinforced with an embedded high tensile steel wire helix. The PU thickness is 1.4mm. The ducting is very flexible, highly abrasive resistant, electrically conductive (surface resistance <10 to the 4 ohms) with a nearly smooth bore for medium/heavy duty.

Suitable for use on ATEX approved equipment. Its usual applications are for the transportation of abrasive materials where the elimination of static build up is of prime importance. Special hose for industrial vacuum cleaners. It is black in colour and available in sizes ranging from 38mm to 100mm. It has a standard temperature rating of -40°C to +90°C (intermittent to +125°C).

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