Previous Fabricated Tanks at Monmouth Plastics

Bunded PVDF Tank

This tank is manufactured from my favourite plastic material - PVDF! 
This high performance Flouropolymer has fantastic chemical and heat resistance, unfortunately it is also incredibly expensive so we don't get to use it very often. 
In order to reduce the cost to our client we have used a 3mm thick layer of fabric backed PVDF, then reinforced it with another high-performance material - Vinylester infused Fibreglass. 
Vinylester resin has greater heat and chemical resistance than normal GRP. This construction is incredibly strong and will give years of service in a very challenging application.
The tank is sat in a bespoke Stainless steel bund which was made by a local steel fabricator, in order to reduce the overall size we have not included any external reinforcement on the bund, instead bolting the bund to the extremely strong reinforcement on the PVDF tank inside.
The black lines visible inside the tank are from the Carbon tape laid in the first layer of GRP outside the welded joints. This allows us to periodically test the welds using a high frequency spark tester which will show if any pinholes develop over time.


Partitioned Rinse Tank from PVDF

Partitioned rinse tank for an industrial Chroming process. This tank will contain rinse water for removing residue left in metal parts after Chroming. The tank is manufactured from Polypropylene, and incorporates a bund from the same material. The design of this was challenging since the client required this tank, and a PVDF chroming tank to be as large as possible, while still fitting next to each other in a very small space. Rectangular tanks need external reinforcement to prevent the sides deflecting, we had to get a little creative with the design of the reinforcements, in order to provide an adequate sized tank in such a small space!


Bunded Rotomoulded Tank

Batch tank, with a separate bund. The tank has been modified to include a sight glass, and several fittings for connections to pipework, and instrumentation. This tank will be used for mixing water with the concentrated Hydrochloric acid stored in the large black tank shown in a previous post. The diluted acid will then be dosed into a large water treatment plant in the South east.


Large Capacity Acid Tank

Bespoke tank manufactured from Polyethylene for storage of Hydrochloric acid at 25% concentration. The tank incorporates a PVC sight glass, and ball valves with Viton seals.


Large Milk Tank

A 3,000 Litre tank for transporting milk. This bespoke transport tank was produced for a local artisan cheesemaker. Our client had specific requirements regarding the design of the tank which could not be met by any mass produced tank available in the UK.

The tank is made from Food safe white polypropylene, the drain valve and pipe is 63mm diameter, all hinges and latches are stainless steel.

This tank was produced with no internal baffles, or crevices to ensure the tank could be fully cleaned between batches, since our client is very focused on producing top quality cheese!


Diesel Tank for Boat

A bespoke diesel tank made from polyethylene which is being fitted into a catamaran by one of our clients.

The boat is soon to be used by Guy Martin as a support vessel for an upcoming TV programme.

Unfortunately the customers original tank started to leak with only a few weeks to go until filming is due to start, so we were asked to make this very quickly!




Clear PETG Tank



A very well made PETG immersion test tank made by Dan. This tank will be used on an immersion test machine, castings will be immersed in water contained by the tank. The casting is then pressurised with air, any bubbles indicate a fault in the casting. The tank will be held in a tight-fitting frame which prevents deformation of the side walls. This tank was made in just over one week from the original enquiry, as an emergency replacement of a failed tank built by another fabricator.




Formalin Tank


Some very nice hand welding of clear PVC by Pete today. He has been making this bespoke tank which will be used for storage of Formalin solution in a dispensing system built by our sister company Monmouth Scientific.




Plate Dip Tank


50mm wide tank but 900mm deep and 900mm long for a customer wanting to dip and etch plates in a weak acidic solution. A drain valve was also built in to allow the customer to easily empty the tank when required.

To ensure the sides didn't deform, ribs from 50mm steel box section were provided and encapsulated in plastic.



1576 x 200