Plastic Tanks from Monmouth Plastics

You can find tanks manufactured by Monmouth Plastics in a wide range of applications, from critical process tanks storing aggressive chemicals, to small domestic tanks in peoples homes. The materials used in the manufacture of all tanks supplied by Monmouth Plastics are sourced from reputable European manufacturers. The materials used in the manufacture of our standard roto-moulded tanks are approved for contact with Potable water, and food since they are taint free, and offer high chemical stability.

Plastic tanks offer benefits when compared to some other materials which may be used, for example plastic has excellent corrosion resistance, many of our tanks are suitable for location outside, and will last for decades exposed to the British weather. The extraordinary chemical stability of plastics means they can survive prolonged contact with chemicals which will attack many other materials. Plastic materials can be a low cost solution when mass production methods are used.


All of our tanks are manufactured in the UK and are built to high standard, whether it is a mass-produced tank or a bespoke engineered product for a demanding application. If you require a tank  which is suitable for use with specific chemicals, or at elevated temperatures Monmouth Plastics can develop tank solutions to meet your specific needs. With our in-house design, and manufacturing facility we can produce individual tanks from a range of plastic polymers such as PVC, Polypropylene, Polyethylene, PVDF, PETG, or E-CTFE.

Click HERE to see a few examples of previously manufactured tanks.

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