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Polypropylene Standard Fabricated 197L Cube Tank


Polypropylene Standard Fabricated 55L Cube Tank


Polypropylene Standard Fabricated 946L Cube Tank


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Our standard tanks have been designed, and priced using Polypropylene sheet. The tanks are highly chemically resistant, and suitable for use with water at higher temperatures than our standard roto-moulded tanks. Please contact us if you wish to check compatibility with particular chemicals.

Other materials can be used, Monmouth Plastics can fabricate tanks from Polypropylene, PVC, CPVC, Polyethylene, PETG, PVDF, or E-CTFE If produced in Polypropylene, these tanks are available in white, black, or beige. Colours of other materials will vary.

The tanks are open topped, we can supply lids and baffles if required.

Inlet, and outlet fittings are not included, Monmouth can modify these tanks as required, for example adding pipework, pumps, or heating elements. We can also change dimensions of the tanks, however cost will vary as a result.

If you have specific requirements please Contact Us

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